Flawless assembly processes for the perfect product

We meet all kinds of needs of our customers, including screen printing, at high quality standards in our assembly lines, designed to process all kinds of parts, especially all kinds of parts that we produce in our facilities, as well as outsourced units of complex structured parts.

We monitor the assembly processes carried out by our team with many years of experience and expertise with our state-of-the-art control units.

Our goal is always customer satisfaction

The assembly process, which constitutes one of the most important steps of our production processes, is one of the factors that enable us to deliver the highest quality products to our customers within time planned.

With the fastest solutions top quality results...

Quality Control

Meticulous conducted quality control processes and identification and elimination of defective parts

Final Product

At the end of the assembly, the control and analysis of final products.


Realisation of the assembly which meets customer requirements at best and fastest way.


Preparing products for shipment by providing their best packing in line with defined standards.

Experience, development, technology…

We work for the satisfaction of our customers with our modern equipment park and experienced team; we carry our production and product efficiency beyond customer expectations with our human and technological resources that we continuously develop in line with the needs of the day.

We organise trainings to ensure the integration of our team with innovative technologies and sectoral developments, and we bring our customers together with the most efficient technologies through the projects we implement and the products we offer.