A fair and egalitarian human resources system…

We structure our Human Resources Policy within the framework of Balkan Plastik’s culture and core values in a way that creates an environment where our teammates can evaluate their competencies and expertise in the most efficient way.

While supporting both, professional and personal development of our employees, we conduct open, transparent, and fair processes to ensure that they reach their career goals.

Equal opportunities for development

We stick to job descriptions we have determined in advance to ensure a balance between the responsibilities of our teammates and the competencies they have; We implement a promotion system based on merit and equal opportunities for everyone.

We nourish our principle of continuous development, which we implement through trainings, seminars, and workshops, with a collective understanding that without exception, all our teammates can benefit from.

We develop together, we grow together.

We carry forward our corporate structure, sensitive to the environment and occupational health and safety principles, compatible with quality standards, and constantly improving production technologies, with the strength we receive from our employees.

Our aim is to ensure continuity of the sense of corporate belonging by maximizing employee productivity and motivation; To focus on company’s goals by being open to innovation, change and continuous development and to create solid foundations for the coming years.

Being a member of Balkan Plastic

The happiness of our employees is one of our top priorities. That’s why we care about their needs; We strive to provide necessary trainings, support, and resources for them to achieve their career goals.

We enable our employees to improve themselves and connect with each other through company-internal trainings, social activities, and other opportunities. We aim to constantly improve our working environment so that our employees feel happy and satisfied while doing their jobs.

We know that all our employees are a valuable part of the Balkan Plastik family. Therefore, we do our best for their happiness and well-being. We believe that the greatest power behind Balkan Plastik’s success is our employees.