White Goods

We offer plastic parts that meet the highest level of durability, aesthetics and quality criteria for the products of the white goods industry, one of the fastest growing industries in the world, which have a wide range of uses in daily life. We produce solutions for the world's leading white goods manufacturers with our sensitivity to products in contact with food and our production system in international standards. We support our rich product portfolio, which we have created with customisable designs and a wide variety of raw materials that we have developed in line with customer requirements, with our technology infrastructure that responds to all the needs of our customers.


For the electrical-electronics industry, where technological developments are experienced at a great pace and performance and durability gain importance, we produce plastic parts that determine the external appearance elements such as durability and aesthetics as well as the elements that provide the protection of basic parts. The parts we produce, especially with materials with high heat resistance, enable our customers to achieve their product quality targets without any problems and enable users to reach long-lasting and high-performance products.

Home Appliances

We produce plastic parts that combine innovative technologies and efficiency for home appliances products, where aesthetics as well as functionality are extremely important. By developing products that provide long life and unconditional user safety, we reflect the rapid development that dominates the field to our production processes and product quality. In addition, we contribute to the achievement of our customers' sustainability goals with the importance we attach to recyclable raw materials.


We offer plastic parts, which have an extremely important place in automobile production, where thousands of parts are used, in terms of functionality, durability and aesthetics, with features that will fully meet the expectations specific to the industry. We fulfil the expectations of the industry, where lightweighting studies have an important place and determine the trends of the future, for light but durable, high quality but low-cost products within the framework of innovative production technologies and the possibilities offered by material science.


With the solutions we offer to the medical industry, which is a highly sensitive and critical area in terms of the design and production of products that support and improve human life, we develop products that meet all the expectations of the industry and have hygiene and chemical resistance features. We fully meet the international standards specific to the industry with our products ranging from patient care products to surgical equipment, from laboratory devices to medical device enclosures.


We maximise customer satisfaction by producing high-strength plastic products needed in aviation, one of the most competitive industries with the highest technology infrastructure in the world, in the fastest way possible. We meet the needs of the aviation industry by producing durable and functional plastic parts in accordance with the high standards of the industry. With our quality certifications, we offer a wide range of production capabilities ranging from in-flight equipment to cockpit accessories.


We produce reliable and long-lasting plastic parts for both manufacturers and end-users in the construction industry, where factors such as low-cost effectiveness, durability and aesthetics come to the fore. We carry out our production of interior parts as well as electrical and electronic systems within the framework of international standards, in the light of the know-how of our expert team and with advanced technology systems.


In the plastic parts we offer to the toy industry, where factors such as quality, safety and durability are extremely important, we are based on safety, which is the most critical element for children. In our product range covering the main body, moving parts and other parts, we meticulously fulfil the requirements of using raw materials certified by international certifications. We continuously monitor the quality control and testing processes of our products and ensure full compliance with toy industry standards.