Information Security Policy and Personal Data Protection Policy


A strong and advanced information security policy

In our corporate culture, we include information security and personal data protection policies as an integral part of customer satisfaction.

We use appropriate technology and security measures to protect our information assets and continually invest in the security of our business processes and information infrastructure.

We categorise data related to business processes according to its sensitivity and take protective measures by determining the most appropriate level of security for each category.

We restrict access to information assets to authorised personnel, regularly back up critical information, and data, and establish appropriate plans and procedures.

We protect your personal data with technology

We fully comply with applicable laws regarding the processing and protection of personal data and collect such data only in specific, legitimate, and mandatory cases.

In order to ensure data security, we activate protection mechanisms against unauthorised access, change or damage, and share it with the relevant parties in accordance with legal regulations and contracts and only for specific purposes, after obtaining the necessary permissions.

We continuously monitor to prevent potential data breaches and protect the rights of personal data owners. We train our employees on information security and the protection of personal data and ensure that they are aware of these issues.