Mould Design and Production

Experience and expertise in mould design and production...

With a professional approach based on Balkan Plastik’s 30 years of knowledge and experience, we offer mould design and production solutions that combine high quality and cost-effective criteria.

Our engineering services, backed by our investment in technology and quality workmanship, provide the foundation for durable, long-lasting mould designs and production processes that best meet our customers’ needs.

We understand your needs and exceed your expectations.

We work in close communication with our customers to offer optimum solutions, and we act with the awareness that the best result comes from understanding the demands and needs in the best way. We combine the expectation of quality, which comes first under all circumstances, with cost-effective solutions, and with our strong, reliable, and long-term co-operation approach, we produce the most efficient and competitive products in the industry.

Customer satisfaction at every step

We listen to our customers, understand their needs and go beyond their expectations...

Strong Communication

The way of understanding our customers is continuous and close communication.

Detailed Analysis

Solution of expertise and engineering for best solutions.

Best Quality

Design, material selection and high standards during production process.


Products exceeding expectations at best costs

High Efficiency

Excellent result with long-lasting, durable, and reliable products.

Quality in production processes...

Quality control applications in international standards at all stages starting with analysis, design, material selection and production...


With the plastic flow analysis, we perform before mould design, we carefully examine factors such as plastic joint marks, air bubbles, surface quality, share the results of the analysis with our customers and minimise risks.

Mould Set and Standard Elements

We carefully follow the international mould set standard HASCO criteria, which we apply in order to increase the production performance and part quality of the mould, in all our production stages. We also use HASCO and THERMOPLAY systems and HASCO criteria for mould elements that require advanced technology.


We carry out our design studies in the light of our customers' expectations and analysis data and prepare three-dimensional modelling and manufacturing images of all parts that make up the moulds.

Material Selection

We choose the most suitable and highest quality material for the project and use the products of Uddeholm, one of the world's most established steel manufacturers.

Production Process

We carry out three-dimensional measurement controls of the parts we process on CNC-controlled machines and ensure full harmony between the design and the finished product.