Occupational Health and Safety Policy


The first step to peace of mind is a safe working environment

We believe that establishing sustainable, enduring, and distinctive values is only possible with a strong corporate culture and, a socially connected, and happy team. 

We act with the awareness that the first condition for this is to maintain a safe working environment that prioritizes employee health.

While occupational health and safety are among the most important values of our company, they constitute the main purpose of our activities.

Therefore, we take all necessary measures to ensure that our employees work safely and prevent vocational diseases and work accidents.

Occupational safety is not an obligation, it is part of our corporate culture

We go beyond full compliance with the relevant legal regulations and industrial standards on occupational health and safety, we closely follow international practices and develop our system accordingly.

We continuously carry out regular risk evaluations to determine potential risks and take preventative measures by determining potential risks in advance.

We endeavor to increase the awareness of our employees through regular training on occupational health and safety. We develop fast and effective intervention methods through periodic equipment controls and emergency plans that we constantly review.