Social Responsibility


Taking responsibility for social development

We place the concept of social responsibility at the center of the way of doing our business. As a company active in the plastic products industry, we are aware of our responsibilities towards our customers, employees, society, and the environment.

By offering our customers high-quality, reliable, and environment-friendly products, we not only aim to meet their needs but also to raise awareness about sustainability.

We support our people and grow our positive impact

In our workplace culture, we adopt a fair and equality-based approach by providing the highest level of protection for the occupational health and safety of our employees. We support the development of our employees’ careers by offering them training and development opportunities.

We carry out social responsibility projects and activities to contribute to the welfare of our society.

We are also aware of our responsibilities towards the environment. In this respect, in our production facilities, we work on the management of waste, saving on energy and water, recycling, and use of environment-friendly technologies to minimize our impact on the environment.